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Singer-songwriter and producer

Born and raised in a rural town near Baltimore, Tess Becket is a refined producer, sharp songwriter and sultry vocalist. With over one hundred unreleased tracks, the twenty-one year old has meticulously honed her songwriting, engineering and production skills for years by working in the industry. Becket learned audio engineering and production in a rap and hip-hop recording studio in a nearby city and quickly honed her talents by taking on major commercial audio projects as an engineer and working on local tour stops for Swae Lee, Grace Potter and Los Lobos. Her upcoming indie rock releases examine sapphic love, loss and familial toxicity, and draw inspiration from queer singer-songwriter-producers like King Princess and Julien Baker.

Tess Becket Recording 2.jpg

Photographs by Zachary J. Savage

Tess Becket released her debut single on March 30th, "Toxic," which is a bare indie rock ballad with poetic lyrics and an emotional vocal delivery. Written about a loved one going through a psychotic break, this song is a simmering reflection on returning to a dark, problematic relationship. Becket wrote the song herself and co-produced/engineered with frequent collaborators lilacjack, Holden Cowburn and Zachary J. Savage. Piper Payne (Steven Universe, LeAnn Rimes) with Infrasonic Mastering mastered the song. Toxic was released on all streaming platforms on March 30th, along with an official lyric video and her independent radio debut on WVYC 88.1.

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"Becket has crafted a unique sound that sets her apart from other artists in the genre." - Lost in the Manor

"‘Toxic’ immediately establishes Tess as an artist with a flair for immersive songwriting and storytelling, diving into the deep end with a track steeped in gravity and rawness." - CLOUT

"It is clear that Tess Becket [...] is creating a universe of her own." - KIMU

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